Copper Foil/Stained Glass

Do you want to create beautiful glass art? Start off with our intro to Stained Glass class. This 5 week course will teach you everything you need to know to create a finsihed piece of stained glass are used the copper foil method. Originally developed by L.C. Tiffany, each piece of glass is cut and ground, then wrapped in copper foil and soldered together.


DAY    Tues., Wed., Thus. 12:30pm-3pm (Avaliability Varies)

EVENING   Thus.  6pm-9pm 2/8 thru 3/6

INSTRUCTOR: Jacki Saxton

Intro to Lead

The age old craft of leaded glass windows. This introductory class will teach you the basics of working with lead came and fabricating a leaded glass window. Learn how to design a functional panel. Along with how to: select and cut glass,  fitting and cutting lead cam, and weatherproofing your window. Each student completes a leaded panel in the class.


DAY     Wed. 3:15pm-5:45pm (Avalability Varies)

EVENING    Wed. 6pm-9pm

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Rearden

Glass Fusing

Artistic bug got you? Why not try glass fusing, and let out your creative side. Learn how to combine different types of glass that are fused together in one of our kilns to create beautiful bowls, plates, or many other items. This 2 hours class is designed for those who want to be creative, but are not always available for a multi week coarse.


DAY    Sat. 10:30am-12:30pm

EVENING   None at the moment

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Rearden


- How do I sign up?

Drop us an email, give us a call, or stop in to register. Class spots are reserved with payment, so we encourage students to register in advance. Class sizes are small (5-7 students) so spots fill quickly.

- What if I cannot make a class?

We do make every effort to accommodate students who could not make a class due to personal reasons. Alternate dates, or make up classes are at the discretion of the instructor. 

- Will I need to provide my own tools to take a class?

All students have access to shop tools and machinery while taking a class. We encourage the purchase of some basic tools so that projects can be worked on outside of the classroom.

About the Instructors

Jacki Saxton

Jacki has been a stained glass artist for 15 years now, and an instructor for 13 of those years. She has been at Macie Art Glass since we opened four years ago. Jacki has a particularly keen eye for color and enjoys the fine details that go into creating a piece of stained glass art. The most enjoyable thing she takes away from teaching is: "seeing someone gain appriciation and joy from working with glass." 

Michael Rearden

Michael is the owner/operator of Macie Art Glass and has been working in glass for 23 years. When the opportunity arose four years ago to open an art glass studio, Mike jumped at the chance. Being hands on in the day to day operations, you will likely find him repairing an old window or on a job site planning an installation or restoration. Teaching has always been a passion for Michael, and being able to share his knowledge for preserving an age old art is very rewarding for him.